Internet Gambling Prohibition Act will set the Incorrect Precedence

19 Jun

Through the committee meeting, Goodlatte said

“I oppose gambling since I believe it causes many, many difficulties in our society”

Based on news report, officials are expecting the new casino will bring an economic boom for north central Iowa. In Iowa, the state’s Department of Criminal Investigation’s (DCI) Gaming Bureau is now larger compared to the bureau’s general criminal investigation unit—and is growing. The DCI has 83 representatives at 14 casinos, including 32 representatives hired since December. About 20 more will be added this year.

Assistant DCI Director Joe Diaz said everybody hired goes to the Gaming Bureau, which is currently the agency’s entry-level position. Two new casinos are at present open—one in Worth County, in addition to the Wild Rose in Emmetsburg. Two others, in Riverside and Waterloo, will open within the entire year.

This is not particular to Iowa State, it is occurring everywhere. Is betting in a land based casino great and gaming in an Internet casino poor?

The case has been made that the Internet makes gaming accessible to children who could use their parent’s credit cards for gambling purposes. If that is the case, then all online commerce needs to be banned. While there have been instances of fraud on the Internet, fraud has not ceased online commerce from booming. When has it become the policy in the U.S. to hide because there could be criminals around?

The World Trade Organization has ruled the U.S. policy on online gambling violates the conditions of the WTO agreement. The Internet Gambling prohibition Act is discounting that ruling.

The United States cannot be telling the world to tear down their walls and allow the marketplace to spur creativity and yet decide to erect one of her own when it suits her. Precedence is a double edge sword.

U.S. is turning the world into a replay of George Orwell’s Animal Farm. In the ongoing replay of “Big Brother” by the Bush Administration, and now “Animal Farm”. I hope we will not be planning to wake up one day to the melody Internet gambling is prohibited Casino gambling is beneficial to the market.